Hey, I'm Brittany!

You know how they say you shouldn’t live to eat? Well, I do.

Food is life. Food is MY life. I have a mean sweet tooth and an addiction to carbs that I work to tame during daylight hours as a health nut and gym rat. I love to cook and bake at home; spend Saturday mornings strolling around Detroit’s historic Eastern Market; peruse food-related literature until I lose all track of time, and of course, talk about all things food. 

A journalist-turned-user experience researcher, I’ve written for a number of publications, including Black Enterprise magazine, Essence Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, and Shelterforce Magazine. Originally from New York (so don’t try and debate me about pizza or bagels, I won’t listen), I currently reside in Detroit.

About Fed and Bougie

I created Fed and Bougie as my outlet to tell stories about food. Stories at the intersection of food and community, food and entrepreneurship, and food and culture, with people of color as the starring players. Also thrown into the mix are snippets from my own food lifestyle. 

Why Fed and Bougie?

Though the name is a play on the Migos’ Bad and Boujee song, Fed and Bougie is an infusion of food and culture.