You know how they say you shouldn’t live to eat? Well, too bad. I do.

Food is life. Food is MY life. If you want to know what I’m thinking about, you’d be correct assume food. If I’m in a cranky mood, you’re best bet is to feed me. If you meet me and wonder what we should talk about, try anything food-related. Want to see my face light up with glee and my eyes wide in excitement? Yeah, you guessed it. Food. You get the point, right?

But it’s not just that I love to eat. For me, food is a means to make magic happen in the kitchen and provide my loved ones with healthy, home-cooked meals and made from scratch baked goods.  To me, food is medicine. I am adamant that everyone deserves to have access to good, quality food. Food is powerful. It comes with stories and is the intersection of different types of people and cultures. 

Raised in New York (so don’t try and debate me about pizza or bagels, I won’t listen), I currently reside in Detroit, the epicenter of an exciting culture and grassroots food movement. A journalist turned user experience professional, my work has been featured in Black Enterprise magazine, Essence Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, and Shelterforce magazine.