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Video: The Trap Kitchen Pulls Up to Detroit

Video: The Trap Kitchen Pulls Up to Detroit

Food can transform lives and unite two opposing sets, like a Blood and a Crip.

In 2013, Compton gang members Malachi “Chef Spanks” Jenkins, a Crip; and his best friend Roberto “Sous Chef News” Smith, a Blood came together to create The Trap Kitchen. The Trap Kitchen is a catering service that literally transformed and saved Malachi’s and Roberto’s lives.

Prior to establishing the Trap Kitchen, Malachi decided to leave the streets and pursue a culinary career. He attended Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas but returned to Compton after experiencing a tragic loss. When he met up with Roberto, the two had a choice – go back to the streets or take their money and start a legit business. Roberto’s Grandmother gave the final push, encouraging the men to sell food instead of drugs. In her backyard, Malachi and Roberto cooked a meal and posted it on Instagram. Thanks to the ‘gram, the Trap Kitchen took off and Malachi and Roberto have since caught the attention of Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart and – my favorite - Kendrick Lamar.

Earlier this month, The Trap Kitchen pulled up to Detroit for the first time via their cook out tour. During their 3-day visit, Malachi and Roberto took over Queen’s Bar for a Gumbo Pot Party, and The Brooklyn Street Local in Corktown to serve up their most demanded dish – the pineapple bowl. Malachi describes it as “a beauty plate. There’s vibrant colors, It can come with shrimp, salmon, chicken, steak, crab…”

So how was Malachi and Roberto’s time in the D? “I love it here,” Malachi told me. “I love the women, it’s really black, I’m surrounded by my people [and] I’m a fan of the cold.”

Roberto disagreed about the cold. “But it’s cool,” he said. “The people are nice. There’s pretty women.”

“Shout out to the D,” Malachi said. “I’m definitely doubling back!”

Check out the video below for a taste of the Trap Kitchen experience:

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